Our Story

Back in 2017, Better Suds' founders learned a startling and unforgettable statistic: 238 million people in the United States alone use body wash products in disposable bottles. That figure is estimated to have hit 250 million people as of 2020. That contributes to the generation of 1.4 billion body wash bottles used every year.

While 66% of discarded paper and cardboard in the U.S. gets recycled, only 8% of plastics get recycled. We can estimate that to mean that out of the 1.4 billion body wash bottles that are discarded every year in the United States, only 112,000,000 of them are recycled, sending the remaining 1.288 billion body wash bottles to landfills, incinerators, or our waterways and oceans. 

Better Suds was created to make a difference. 

First and foremost, replacing body wash and liquid hand soap with our bar soap completely eliminates the need for a disposable plastic bottle, but offering consumers a premium natural alternative to body washes and liquid hand soaps is just not enough of an impact. 

That is why Better Suds also cleans up the oceans with every soap sold. For every soap Better Suds sells, we sponsor the removal of 1 pound of plastics from our oceans!

Beyond raising awareness and seeking to prevent and eliminate pollution, Better Suds soaps are cruelty-free, gluten-free, biodegradable and do not contain chemicals, parabens or sulphates.