🌎 Our Promises 🌎

🌊 We promise to remove 1 pound of plastics from the ocean for every pound of products sold. 🌊

💨 We promise to offset 100% of shipping emissions through the purchase of carbon credits. 💨

🌱 We promise to plant enough trees to offset 100% of paper-based packaging and fight deforestation. 🌱

🌎 Our Purpose 🌎

The purpose of Better Suds is to provide consumers with the highest quality natural soaps and enabling everyone to take better care of themselves, and our planet.   

🌎 Our Goals 🌎 

Better Suds seeks to make a positive impact on the beauty industry in every way that it can.

♻️ Identifying and prioritizing eco-friendly ingredients, initiatives, and products ♻️

🐰 Promoting and supporting a cruelty-free lifestyle 🐰

💚 Minimizing our environmental impact as much as possible 💚